Happy 2013

Long time since I’ve visited this page so I feel the need to catch up. So many things going on– unpredictable weather, on-going political debate about so many issues: global warming, the economy, warfare and of course GUN CONTROL. In my world academic life continues, students, classes, meetings, writing. Winter break came and went in what felt like a breeze. January took us to Oahu, Hawaii– where we previewed a promo of a documentary project about the Black Pacific. It was well received and we left inspired but sick with the awful flu that has infected so many. This semester, I am teaching a new course for the English Department “The Burden of Representation” and my usual bread and butter course: Introduction to Sexuality and Gender Studies. Outside of the courses I am teaching, I’ve also enrolled my Alfie in another class at the Dog Training Academy. We’ve been taking a Pre-Agility course that has us both running and jumping on Thursday nights. Great Fun that keeps me in the Present Moment.
Looking forward to warmer weather as we approach the month of March.

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