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Hello All: I have been off the radar, enjoying life since my retirement 3 years ago. Lately my time is spent training my dogs in weekly agility and swimming sessions. It is wonderful having the time to work on my creative projects, writing and painting. Good to have time for leisure reading and long nature walks with Alfie and Mushee. Time to get back to my webpage..

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I’m Back!

Hello Everyone: I’ve been away from this page for some time. I was on my retirement sabbatical leave last year but as of 9/1 am back teaching one class for Women & Gender Studies. My 60 students are wonderful– and I’m excited about working with them in my “Women’s Studies in a Global Perspective” course.

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Celebrating the Latino/Hispanic Class of 2013

Left to right: Yours truly, student Maria F. Marquez & Rosalie Rolon-Dow

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The Cicadas Are Coming

Here, on the East Coast, we sit in wait for:

The cicadas are coming;
after seventeen years’
from earth to sky & back.

small bug engineers;
producing big noise
recycling years of waiting.

The cicadas are coming–
a rain of insects,
reminding by annoying

crunching sounds of crushing shells
cycles of living
after seventeen years of wait.

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Happy 2013

Long time since I’ve visited this page so I feel the need to catch up. So many things going on– unpredictable weather, on-going political debate about so many issues: global warming, the economy, warfare and of course GUN CONTROL. In my world academic life continues, students, classes, meetings, writing. Winter break came and went in what felt like a breeze. January took us to Oahu, Hawaii– where we previewed a promo of a documentary project about the Black Pacific. It was well received and we left inspired but sick with the awful flu that has infected so many. This semester, I am teaching a new course for the English Department “The Burden of Representation” and my usual bread and butter course: Introduction to Sexuality and Gender Studies. Outside of the courses I am teaching, I’ve also enrolled my Alfie in another class at the Dog Training Academy. We’ve been taking a Pre-Agility course that has us both running and jumping on Thursday nights. Great Fun that keeps me in the Present Moment.
Looking forward to warmer weather as we approach the month of March.

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Another Season, Another Year: Fall 2012

We’re back!  This semester began early on August 28th.  Aside from Introduction to Sexuality and Gender Studies, I am teaching an upper division class on Race, Gender and Imagination.  Alfie will begin his Gateway training class at the Dog Training Academy on September 24th.  Fasten your seatbelts!

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Week One: Spring 2012

Friday morning after the first week of classes. This semester I am teaching two evening courses:

Introduction to Sexuality and Gender Studies and Latinas in the U.S,A.  My students are enthusiastic leaving me with a good feeling about the new year.  Aside from new students, my new pup continues to bring me joy.  He is growing faster than I would have imagined. Weighing in yesterday at 8 lbs.  He and my Boston Terrier, Mimi have become great buddies — they play from sun up to sun down!

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Spring 2012

Can you believe it– 2012?  Spring term began yesterday with bright skies and mild temps.  Although we enjoy the weather, more appropriate for California, it feels strange.  Two years ago we were knee deep in blizzard snows- this year it reminds me of my home in Northern California.

I love the reminder and the precious moments. This year I begin the academic year with a new furry companion.  Meet little Alfie Quintana, Valentina’s little successor, weighing in last week at 7.4 lbs.

What's it all about?

Wishing you all a wonderful new year!!

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Fall 2011: On the Eve of a Tragic Anniversary

Ten years after..

So much has transpired and today we remember–

that beautiful Fall New York morning;

when the world as we knew it came tumbling down.

I’ve been struck by the testimonies;

broken hearts and voices;

the suffering, continued global suffering.

Where were you when?

The inevitable question that comes with the numbers


10 years later,

anniversaries always seem to accentuate the pain.

Today I pray for awakening, a radical acceptance of our vulnerability-

and connection to one another.

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Here Comes the Sun

Enjoyed my time visiting Gender and Women’s Studies — GWS, at the University of Kentucky– blue grass country is beautiful and very, very green!!  My colleague Sharon Collingwood  from Women’s Studies at Ohio State University introduced me to netvibes.com and now I have another personal page you may want to visit:  www.karunamindspace.posterous.com.  This site offers personal as opposed to professional reflection– check it out if you have a moment.  Just returned from a nice spring break in San Francisco and am now working my way through the balance of the Spring 2011 semester.  I am teaching a graduate seminar focused on Feminisms and the African Diaspora.  Overall this has been a good experience for everyone. I’ve enjoyed working with graduate students from the English Department.  The other class, my Introduction to Sexuality and Gender Studies has also been productive and exciting in so many ways.  This term, we will be attending the campus performance of The Vagina Monologues and later will also attend a community performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. So much going on as the semester moves on after Spring Break.

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Our Lady